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Pelion - Area Information
Pelion is a mountainous peninsula on the east coast of mainland Greece, halfway between Athens and Thessaloniki - the nearest islands are the Sporades. The western coast of Pelion slopes gently into the Pagasitic Gulf with sandy beaches and pretty coves surrounded by olive groves. Down the centre runs a mountain range where skiing is available in winter. The eastern coast is more dramatic with steeper slopes from the mountain dropping down though pineand deciduous forest to beaches, often with spectacular cliffs, onthe Aegean sea. The countryside is criss-crossed with Kalderimia (old stone donkey tracks) which connect the villages and make for great walking country.

Architecture of Pelion

The Pelion peninsula has a wonderful collection of traditional villages with houses built from stone. Strict conservation laws provide protection of the Pelion architecture and locals are keen to maintain established local customs.

Eating in Pelion

Pelion is not overcrowded. It is quiet and not commercialised. Traditional Greek food is available in the village squares, and tavernas next to the sea. Typical foods include Tyropsomo (cheese bread), Lahanodolmades (cabbages leaves stuffed with mince), Spetzofai (spicy sausages and green peppers), Wild Boar, and, of course, Fish.

Nature in Pelion

It is a place for all seasons from wild flowers in the spring, cool beauty and clear waters in the summer, the beautiful colours as the trees change their leaves in autumn and snow for skiing in winter.

Mythology of Pelion

Legend has it that Pelion was the summer home of thegods of Olympus and the land of the centaurs. "Many-leaved" Pelion inspired Homer,Pindaros and Euripides. Its was fromPelion that the legendary Argo set sail for the distant shores of the Black Sea carrying Jason and the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece.

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